UFC 249 Card is Set; Location Still Unknown

by Vito Basile

After weeks of an uphill battle with multiple state legislation due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, UFC President Dana White has seemingly found a way to make UFC 249 happen, although it’ll be without one of its original superstars, UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.…

A Very Strange Direction in Rock n’ Roll: Ween’s “The Pod”

by Nick Papanicholas

By now, the ins and outs of rock n’ roll have been muddied and stomped upon for decades. Lots of directions have been explored in the genre, as well as the creation of new genres like alternative and metal, producing many interesting sounds and people who got their inspiration from the godfathers of rock music, such as Hendrix and The Beatles.…

TIMEOUT -> Toronto

by Jared Roberts

If you’re a sports fan, you know the predicament that we’re in right now. No major sports are being held because of the coronavirus pandemic. This isn’t the first time sports were cancelled outright because of a global crisis, though.…

Cookin’ With Joey Fic

In the latest episode of Cookin’ With Joey Fic, see how Joey makes Uovo a la Zabaione (Egg Custard)!

Surf Rock Isn’t Dead

by Tom Arndt

There’s a long-standing tradition in the surf film community to film surfers and put it to music, but this is usually done in two parts. The surfers surf and the rockers rock, never meeting and only being brought together by someone after both are done.…

Anyone Can Be a Music Producer

by Tom Arndt

Before some recent changes, someone had to be a professional musician and have access to a corporate studio with thousands of dollars of high-tech equipment to produce music. If a band wanted to make it big, it was essential to be signed with a record label, specifically one with great producers.…

No Live Baseball? MLB The Show is Here For You

by Dominic Archer

With the current world situation, baseball is on hiatus and I, a lifelong Cubs fan, am longing for it. Opening day Cubs games have been a family tradition since my great grandpa started it back in the 50’s.…

Fan Favorite Top Five UFC Fights

by Vito Basile

I decided that with most people being quarantined to their 上海11选五s with no live sporting events to enjoy, why not give them some entertainment. I asked people on social media for their top five of UFC fights, took the ones that seemed to be the most popular, as well as my personal favorite, and made a list, in no particular order:

  • Stephan Bonnar v.

Khabib Out, UFC 249 in Danger

by Vito Basile

Khabib Nurmagomedov told his fans on Instagram Sunday evening that he’s no longer available to fight Tony Ferguson because of the implemented quarantine and border closing in Russia. Khabib told fans that he left the US because he was informed by the UFC that the fight will 100% not take place in the US due to our quarantine restrictions and closures.…

MGMT are Back with Two New Singles

by Tom Arndt

You may remember MGMT’s “Kids,” the psychedelic hit of 2008, or “Congratulations,” its more mellow 2010 counterpart, with its absurdist music video of a sad creature in the desert. To most, they went quiet after the release of their second album, Congratulations.… Page 7